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Destroying the Constitution by Legislation?

Just read this article from and it is really scary. Now Obummer wants States to give up their 11th Amendment rights just to get money under his new jobs bill… When will everyone else see Obummer forwhat he really … Continue reading

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FACTS about the true racists in American History…

OK – while perusing my favorite sites I came across a comment posted by Maggie on a post from The Patriot Update by Ann-Marie Murrell on the Reverend Wayne Perryman suing the Democratic Party for Racism. The thing that floored … Continue reading

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What I think Conservatives SHOULD be saying to Obama…

How about, “Hey, Mr. President, STOP blaming George Bush for everything. You can only blame the dog for eating your homework once… After that it’s just a lame excuse.” Or how about this one, “Mr. President, you won’t get one … Continue reading

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History Lesson on Your SS Card

I pulled this from a comment by Michael Williams. He was commenting on this article: This is the kind of information every Conservative candidate needs to be presenting in every confrontation with a liberal… Just in case some of … Continue reading

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