What I think Conservatives SHOULD be saying to Obama…

How about, “Hey, Mr. President, STOP blaming George Bush for everything. You can only blame the dog for eating your homework once… After that it’s just a lame excuse.”

Or how about this one, “Mr. President, you won’t get one more thin dime until you can stop your out of control spending and keep to the budget.”

Or maybe, “Where’s the budget?” – After 800 plus days you think he could come up with one…

Or possibly, “Really, Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Spending money you don’t have over and over again on the same things and expecting a different result?”

Or the best one yet, “You Lie!” – Hat tip to Rep. Wilson for actually speaking his mind and saying what we all wanted to say.

’nuff said.


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I'm just a regular joe - I work hard to pay my bills, try and spend time with my wife and kids, and wonder about all the CRAZINESS going on in the world today! Things should be easier - it's either right or wrong, black or white. But now everyone has their own shade of gray... Me? I'm just asking questions...
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