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What is it About the Word Illegal People don’t Understand?

Sheesh people, this is easy… Let’s break it into two parts. First is the definition of the word immigration from From the World English Dictionary immigration  (ˌɪmɪˈɡreɪʃən) – n 1) the movement of non-native people into a country in … Continue reading

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Monsters Inc. – A Bad Remake

Does anybody else feel like they’re in a bad remake of Monsters Inc.? Scene – scary Democrat jumps out of the closet and “issues dire warnings of impending collapse” trying to frighten the American citizen (unfortunately asleep at the moment … Continue reading

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The 800 Pound Gorilla…

Just read another story about obama’s birth certificate being a forgery,  (hat tip – Irrefutable proof…) that it makes me wonder why every time somebody asks the question why nobody “in a position of authority” hasn’t started proceedings against … Continue reading

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