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Who is Mitt Romney?

This is a verbatim report from the Two Minute Conservative… (Just cleaned up some formatting) More From the Troops Why Mitt Romney is Unlikable A lot is being said in the liberal media about Mitt Romney not being “likable” or … Continue reading

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No More Grubberment Funding? Might be a Good Thing

So, funding for the grubberment runs out on Sept. 30th. Boehner and his ilk are, as usual, showing no backbone and saying that we will do everything possible to fund grubberment past that date (which includes obummer care). Why don’t … Continue reading

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Gun Control – It’s all about JURISDICTION…

This was a response to a post on a blog I read regularly… I got “wordy” so I thought I would post it here as well. We do not have a gun control issue, we have an education issue. The … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I Carry a Gun…

This is about the best explanation I’ve seen for carrying a gun. Hat Tip Godfather Politics… Actually, here is the real list: Reasons Why I Carry a Gun posted on July 16, 2012 by The Godfather The following was sent … Continue reading

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Treaties and the Constitution… The Facts

This is a verbatum post taken from the comments section of a blog I read – The Patriot Update. The posting was on 13 Politically Incorrect Gun Rules. I was reading it because I was looking for some humor to lighten … Continue reading

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HIGH SCHOOL — 1958 vs. 2012

I’ve seen this posted before. I wish I could give credit where credit is due but unfortunately I’ll have to say this is reposted from Anonymous…  – Joe HIGH SCHOOL — 1958 vs. 2012 Scenario 1: Jack goes duck hunting before … Continue reading

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