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My Response to John McCain

Senator McCain, Crime is the subject heading I had to choose on your web site because it’s a crime the way you are schmoozing up to a president who is so clearly against the Constitutional principals real Americans hold dear. … Continue reading

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Who is Mitt Romney?

This is a verbatim report from the Two Minute Conservative… (Just cleaned up some formatting) More From the Troops Why Mitt Romney is Unlikable A lot is being said in the liberal media about Mitt Romney not being “likable” or … Continue reading

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Abbott and Costello Explain Unenployment…

With apologies to Abbott and Costello… This explains just how our current ruler gets his way with the statistics! COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America . ABBOTT: Good Subject. Terrible Times. It’s 9%. COSTELLO: That … Continue reading

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What I think Conservatives SHOULD be saying to Obama…

How about, “Hey, Mr. President, STOP blaming George Bush for everything. You can only blame the dog for eating your homework once… After that it’s just a lame excuse.” Or how about this one, “Mr. President, you won’t get one … Continue reading

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