Monsters Inc. – A Bad Remake

Does anybody else feel like they’re in a bad remake of Monsters Inc.?

Scene – scary Democrat jumps out of the closet and “issues dire warnings of impending collapse” trying to frighten the American citizen (unfortunately asleep at the moment but becoming more awake every hour) into letting them do whatever the Democrat wants. Just to make his “quota” of “scare” (sic money…) to spend as he pleases.

When THAT doesn’t work like it used to, scary Democrat gets Standards and Poor to jump out of the closet with the same prediction – Still not working. I wonder who the scary Democrat will enlist next to try and scare the American citizen?

The problem for the scary Democrat is that the American citizen is getting older and wiser and knows that the boogie man jumping out of the closet is just a figment of his imagination – nothing to be afraid of in the REAL world.

Sheesh move on already. Stop trying to scare Americans into doing what you want and just fix the problem. Stop out-spending your revenue and you won’t have to fix the debt ceiling.

Oh and my apologies to the Disney Corporation – Did the scary Democrat even get permission to use their story line?


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