No More Grubberment Funding? Might be a Good Thing

So, funding for the grubberment runs out on Sept. 30th. Boehner and his ilk are, as usual, showing no backbone and saying that we will do everything possible to fund grubberment past that date (which includes obummer care). Why don’t we take this opportunity to re-think the whole funding thing…

So, come Sept 30th. Let grubberment close. No more deficit spending, no more giving billions to companies that close anyway etc… Then, have our elections. Keep grubberment un-funded until the new CONgress and President come into power. THEN get a budget passed. Dirty Harry Reid should be out of power by then and we just might get ACTUAL tax reform and a real budget passed…

On second thought… lets just get Boehner out of a position of power and put somebody in there that has a set and is willing to tell the do nothing Democrats (or the Tax the Rich because the 20% of the people who pay 80% of the taxes don’t pay enough Democrats) to go pound sand.

Check out this link for more on Boehner and his comments.

Just sayin`


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