My Response to John McCain

Senator McCain,

Crime is the subject heading I had to choose on your web site because it’s a crime the way you are schmoozing up to a president who is so clearly against the Constitutional principals real Americans hold dear. The “regular Joe” everywhere is aware of Obama’s plan and is awake to his danger. Why aren’t you? While Sen. Paul is spending time exposing Obama’s drone policy and forcing Holder to pen a letter reversing his earlier opinion, you are being wined and dined by the very man who thinks he can kill Americans on our own soil without regard to the Constitution or the Rule of Law! And then you have the audacity to try and call Sen. Paul on the carpet for doing what he promised his constituents he would do – uphold the Constitution! The very document Obama and his administration is trying their best to destroy.

Sen. McCain, I respect and appreciate your sacrifice for me and for our country during your military service. However, I would think that the very sacrifice you gave would enrage you and cause you to fight this… this… Socialist tooth and nail and to the bitter end. Instead you go to dinner with him and try to compromise away our American freedoms – freedoms given by God and guaranteed by our Constitution.

I know you are not my senator however, that will not deter me from also expressing my disgust at your actions and speech against other Republican Senators on Capitol Hill who are trying to expose Obama and his administration for what it has been from day one – a danger to our American way of life.

Senator Paul is also NOT my senator however, I support him and the others you so blindly criticize in your comments to the press. HE and those like him will be the ones who will ultimately help bring this country back on it’s original path – not you and your “old guard” who would “compromise” away our hard earned money and our God given freedoms. Someday “compromise” may again be a solution that we can use to address our differences – but not now. Now we need an unwavering stance against anything that encroaches on our freedoms until this country is moving back down the road on which it was founded and hold dear the principals of personal responsibility, LIMITED government and fiscal responsibility.

Common sense dictates that at some point you HAVE to STOP spending money you don’t have and start repaying the debt you’ve built up. You HAVE to stop punishing the LAW ABIDING citizen by taking away their rights and start punishing the criminal who is not following the existing law. You HAVE to STOP giving money (money we don’t have anyway) to people who hate us and want to kill us. And common sense dictates that you can’t “compromise” with a person or party that is not willing to concede to some basic realities – like, money does NOT grow on trees, crime is committed by criminals not victims and government is NOT the answer, it is the problem.

Sir, I thank you for your service to this country and the time you have given in public service. However, I believe the time has come for you retire and quit giving voice to the ideas that are turning this country in to a socialist state. You need to let the new guard take over and protect the ideals expressed by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. You have earned a rest and our Thanks. But now you need to move on and stop criticizing those who are NOT trying to give away our freedom and birthright via “compromise”.

Thanks You for your time.


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