RE: GOP lacks Experienced Conservative Leaders

Below is a response I wrote to a good friend of mine that sent me a link to an article on Newsmax about the current lack of experienced Conservative Leaders. (Link). At first I was going to just say thanks for the info but as I started to type, the words just flowed onto the screen. I thought I’d post them here just in case anyone else happened to be wondering about the current crop of Republican and or Conservative hopefuls…

Remember – this is all JMHO…

Hey Steve,

Good article. I understand the crux of the argument but I believe there ARE good, experienced CONSERVATIVE leaders out there ready to step up NOW. Most of them come from State government – Pawlenty, Palin, Christie. Then there is Bachmann or Ron Paul from the House. I think any of these guys can win IF they can get their message out. Look at Obummer. He had less than 18 months in office and won the Presidency. He didn’t have any “experience” he just had that “slick Willy” way of speaking that made the unaware feel good about him regardless of his lack of specifics.

And we DO have one candidate that DOES have a ton of experience – Newt. (Love this guy – don’t even need his last name to know who he is.) Newt has “Been there, Done that.” He’s presided over a Congress that WAS able to balance the budget and deliver a surplus. And don’t be confused, Congress did that, NOT Billy C. Clinton took the credit but it was Newt and the Republicans then in office that did the work. And that leads to a different issue in THIS election.

Something else the Republican “Old Guys” don’t get and the Conservative new guys need to embrace whole-hearted is a new communications model. The “Old Guys” rely on the Main Stream Media to get the word out to the people. And as we all know now, and had questions about before, the MSM is a hard left outlet that not only supports the leftist agenda, it promotes it using Alinsky like tactics.

The new guys need to get the word out using ALL the new media available to them – YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, SMS trees… You name it they need to use it. They need to be “virtual” communicators to their constituents. They need to go back to directly reporting to the people they support and stop relying on the MSM to play fair. It’s not going to happen. Folks like Chris Matthews and companies like MSNBC, and even Fox News to some extent has “sold their souls to the devil” and can’t or more accurately won’t report the truth – only opinion, THEIR opinion. And their attitude is YOU are the moron if you don’t believe EVERY opinion they spout.

And yes, like you said, all that communication HAS to be truthful. Not partial truth – full disclosure. It’s too easy today to prove facts using the Internet. It’s my belief that if the new guys get the word out using a full suite of communications tools, tell the people the truth, support the truth with FACTS and hold firm to their principles that the people will support them and give them the power they need to make things happen.

Of course this is just my opinion but there are facts that support it… Obummer used social media to rally young adult voters in the last election and the Internet to raise a ton of cash. Then there was Ron Paul who was probably the first “Old Guy” in age but NOT in political philosophy to seriously use the Internet to raise cash via “money bombs” and garner a country-wide organization via grass-roots support. He was able to set a Republican fund-raising record in 2008 – 4.2 MILLION dollars in 24 hours. And it was all done through the new media. And all the while the MSM was spewing out opinion after opinion that he’d never raise enough money to even run…

[This line redacted – Just a personal note]

Sorry for the book-like response. Just started coming out once I started typing.



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